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  1. Drakill Jun 04, 2012

    Soul Eater is cool!

    Spoiler (show)

    Although I didn't like how that last guy was defeated by a PUNCH! I mean a punch? Come one!

    I don't know how to add to the gallery here so I'll just post the link of the wallpaper I made for Soul Eater :D Hope you like it

  2. Shadowgirl Apr 26, 2012

    I love death the kid especially when he rages about the acadamy being symetrical and fighting black star its so funny. I split my sides laughing when it happend but that was one of the funniest things ive eva seen. BTW what is the most funniest thing u've seen on soul eater. (dont need ta know just wanna)

  3. Hiroyuki-sing Dec 22, 2011

    The Maka Chop is the best way to get full use out of a book ^.^

  4. mbeckley Oct 20, 2011

    Quote by superkabogI love yah! DEATH the KID..<3

    He's so funny. LOl.

  5. superkabog Jun 04, 2011

    I love yah! DEATH the KID..<3

  6. mbeckley May 20, 2011

    @Hiroyuki: Hehe, cool! XD

  7. jb1234567890 May 17, 2011

    I really like this anime!
    and YOKOZO to the new members!

  8. Hiroyuki-sing May 13, 2011

    Yep ^.^

  9. mbeckley May 10, 2011

    @Hiroyuki: Haha! Rly? XD

  10. Hiroyuki-sing May 06, 2011

    I do the "Maka chop" on my bro sometimes XD .

  11. mbeckley May 06, 2011

    @Hiroyuki: That's cool! Idk who's my fav in the anime, but I do relate to Maka a lot... :) And yeah, she kicks butt! XD

  12. Hiroyuki-sing Apr 30, 2011

    Ah I remember when I started to get into Soul Eater I was elven and saw some cosplay costumes on a site. I thought I should check it out and so I did and it was really I read some of the manga still am and then started to watch some of the anime. Maka is my most favorite character she totally kicks butt! ^.^

  13. mbeckley Apr 27, 2011

    This anime is awesome! ;D

    merged: 04-28-2011 ~ 08:05pm
    Thanks for accepting me! xD

  14. WalkingEncyclopedia Apr 10, 2011

    Death the Kid got me started on this series believe it or not!
    His way of handling guns completely fascinated me - holding them upside down and pulling the triggers with his pinkies... a textbook example of the Rule of Cool B)
    And he took the OCD to a whole new level LOL it's just so cute :)

  15. mangamaniac014 Mar 16, 2011

    Its awesome but I think Death the Kid is alittle nuts. Whats up with him and his symmetry obsession,anyway?

  16. Hiroyuki-sing Mar 10, 2011

    This anime is awesome and so cool!

  17. sunakojnr Feb 04, 2011

    long live soul! :D

  18. abou Jan 06, 2011

    Soul Eater forever ! x)

  19. yuuko555chan Dec 23, 2010

    this anime is great, it's funny and interesting

  20. ismiy Sep 05, 2010

    The anime was well done in terms of visuals and sound, but I wish they stuck to the original story line. If I had authority I'd make them do it over, like what happened with those alchemical brothers.

  21. animefanatic6290 Aug 03, 2010

    Soul Eater w00t! xD

  22. Suigetsu-kun Jun 14, 2010

    Soul eater the best!

    merged: 06-14-2010 ~ 05:13am
    soul eater the best! ^^

  23. HatedAngel Retired Moderator Jun 06, 2010

    yay~ soul eater~ although it could use some page contents~

  24. crimsonSoma May 22, 2010

    i really got addicted to soul eater
    i really like this anime
    also the song like black paper moon and every other songs of soul eater are so cool

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